Sunday, 12 June 2016

I Was Up Here! - My Amazing Time

Ta Dah!

It's amazing. I was having a little call out to the doggie walking by when Puppynap came into the living room and said "River what you doing here? Come and join us in the kitchen darling."

I did. When I got there I saw Daddy had brought my sofa cushion and blanket for me but I didn't fancy that then Daddy picked me up and put me on the breakfast bar top and we all sat chatting.

Then David came in to join us.

I just watched him and wagged my tail but thought I'd just watch him and not let him know my brilliant secret, I was up here!

He looked around for a bit and called out my name but when I didn't say anything he went into the living room.

But he quickly came back and went to have a look to see if I was playing outside.

Then I called out to him and he came into the kitchen and spotted me smiling and waving at him.

Come on David, come with me and I'll tell you all about my amazing time,  we've got some treats waiting for us in the other room.

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