Monday, 13 June 2016

Get Happy!

There's horrible thunder all over the place but Puppynap didn't seem to be able to hear it. I got all shaky and he came on the floor to give me a cuddle but it didn't make me feel any better. 

David was near by and Puppynap but I still was scared and then all of a sudden Puppynap went on the computer and then said, "Come on River, it's time to get happy!"

He then went and got my lead. Brilliant we're going out for an adventure!

Coming David?


Today we went down the road.

"Come on everyone, get happy, chase all your cares away..."

"Come on everyone get happy, waiting for the..."

Ooh we're going through the tunnel.

And I'm allowed to sniff anything I want.

I think letting me do anything I want is making me happy.

Right now, where are those rabbits?

I wonder if they are in here!

They weren't but then we went on to the motorway bridge.

That always makes me happy, watching all the cars.

Time for a drink.

And then home again.

Yes it worked, I'm now very happy. I got happy!

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