Friday, 27 May 2016

I've Got Plenty Of Time To Explore - Those Footsteps Are Getting Louder

Brilliant, we're off out!

Right we're going in the car, I wonder where we can be going?

Hang on a second, I know this place.

Yes I'm sure I know where we are, we're in a lift and I'm on the floor even though Puppynap know's I don't like it.

Aunty Silver!

I knew it, come on let's go to your special room.

It takes Aunty Silver a while to get places so I've got plenty of time to explore.

Under the bed.

In the bookshelf.

I can hear her coming. Those footsteps are getting louder.

She made it. It was worth the wait she knows exactly where I love to be tickled, right under my ear. I love coming and seeing Aunty Silver.