Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Congratulations Kiss

It's a lovely day today, the sun is really, really hot and Puppynap said I should be careful out in it as I couldn't have suntan location rubbed in to me, so I should stay in the shade as much as possible.

I listened very carefully do him and I think he must have said the same to David as we were both staying in the shade.

David was doing some exercises...

...and he was doing them very well so I decided to give him a congratulations kiss

Then he ran off and I thought he wanted to play kiss chase.

But he said he wanted to be left on his own for a while so I ran to Daddy to see if he would play with me.

I had to shout out really loud to let him know I was there.

He's getting very good at knowing what I say and got my toy lamby and we played with it all around the garden.

I got a bit puffed out and then ate some coal I found in the corner of the garden. Puppynap said he thought it would be good for my teeth. I know, I have very good clean teeth.

After that I needed to have a drink to rinse out my mouth.

That's when I saw David going to lay down under our day shade tent thing.

But when I got there he was gone.


He disappeared like magic, but if I wait here maybe he'll just suddenly appear again and we can play that game he promised me. I hope he appears before it's dark time, that's when I have to go indoors.

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