Saturday, 21 May 2016

Bedgebury Pinetum, A Half Marathon & The UFO's

We were up very early this morning, it was only just daylight.

At least the window's open. They know what I like, the breeze will help wake me up.

It didn't take us very long to get where we were going but they didn't tell me where we are, I guess we're going on an adventure.

And then all of a sudden a great big lake and building appeared out of nowhere.

But we carried on walking.

Hang on a second what does that sign mean, registration this way?

I had to ask;

"Why we here Daddy?"

Then he told me, we was going to do a half marathon.

Yeah god luck with that, see you at the finish line!

And then I spotted an amazing thing...

...and went for a closer look.

I told Puppynap my findings, it's a UFO.

We all went to find the starting line of daddies race. There were lots of people and other doggies to talk to there. 

And then it was time...

...and they are off.

Through the forest.

But we wasn't going that way, oh no.

We were going to meet up with Puppynap's friend and a little dog called Milly. We were all going on our own adventure.

To find some more UFO's buried deep in the forest.

Me and Milly had a good old chat, we could hear the others chatting away so we shared secret doggie messages with each other.

And looked at all the amazing trees everywhere. It's very pretty here.

After quite a long adventure through the magical forest we all sat down for a rest, a chat and some cake, we had special doggies treats and had a good old chinwag.

And watched the ducks swimming all around.

Then they said it was about time to go and find Daddy again, so off we trotted a bit more energised. Sometimes I led the way and sometimes Milly did, she's been here before.

She pointed out a great big tree. I think it's the biggest one I've ever seen.

We walked up a hill and found a perfect spot to wait for Daddy, right by the finish line.

Well done Daddy.

I'm exhausted!