Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Special Place - Oh. Huff!

Daddy said as I had been such a good girl today that he was going to take me to a very special place. I thought David was going to come but he decided to stay indoors.

We went down the road and I was very excited.

Then we went through the tunnel. I've been this way lots of times so I couldn't work out what special place we were going to.

And then we went to the right and almost straight away I could see what they meant by a special place.

At this time of the evening Puppynap said all the little rabbits came out to play.

They were everywhere, about a hundred of them.

They were running around everywhere. I wanted to chase them but Daddy said we needed to not scare them so had to keep our distance, although we could follow them if I was a good girl.

Daddy and Puppynap weren't as fast as I wanted them to be as we lost them all, although we looked everywhere for them. 

Oh. Huff!