Saturday, 28 May 2016

FREEDOM! - Oops, Muddy Feet!

I saw everyone putting their shoes on, then Daddy went to the draw and I knew what this all meant...

...we were going out on an adventure.

Through the tunnel...

...and all the way to the lakes.

There were lots of daisies about, dancing in the sun.

And then we saw all these little tree's in tubes. Daddy said it was something called conservation and all these little trees were growing and going to get very big and make it all lovely.

I'm down low so I can see extra special things as well, like this butterfly.

And then Daddy said we had come to a crossroads and a big decision was to be made.

And it was all to do with me and my FREEDOM from the lead.


Freedom to go anywhere I liked, like this mountain of wood chips.

As long as I kept close.

Then something amazing caught my eye.

Puppynap said it was a Tardis, but not the Doctor's. We'll come back later and investigate it some more.


I won't let you down....


But also freedom to have an investigation in the bushes.

Although when we got near the ducks I had to go back on the lead, sometimes they can be a bit bad tempered.

I wonder? Do I dare?

Yes I dare, now how far in do I dare?

No that was far enough and fabulously cooling for my feet.

"Quack, quack."

But then again!

oops, muddy feet!

Even the duck had a look.

It was then time to go and we passed the Dummy Tree.

Puppynap said that when it came time for the little children to give up their dummies they would find a special dummy tree and plant their old ones there so that they could grow into new ones for all the new little children.

We old ducks had a bit of a gossip about it, they disagreed with Puppynap.

Oh yes and then we saw a swimmer. But I really think it's a lakes monster not discovered yet.

Wow that really was a good adventure, I can't wait to get home and tell David all about it.