Sunday, 28 February 2016

We've Been To A Party

All of a sudden Puppynap went to the draw and got out my brush. He said I needed to get all ready and tidy as we were going to a party.

Daddy said I looked very pretty, even more pretty than normal. Thank you Daddy.

Come on then what we waiting for?

We went in the car for a little bit and I fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and we was there. We went into Daddies friends house and there was a little baby there. We had a chat and a little play...

...and he showed me his book all about other little animals.

After a little while it was time for us all to go to the party around the corner. I've been there before and could remember the way.

Yes that's right it must be here I can hear all the music and people inside.

 Come on hurry up it's cold out tonight.

They've got a brilliant house...

There's lots of things inside and outside to investigate.

I even found some little dears to play with.

After we all had a chat and a dance we went outside by the warm fire and laughed a lot. I like coming to these kind of parties, thank you for inviting me, I'll be coming again!