Friday, 12 February 2016

I've Just Had The Best Afternoon Out - Castles And Vampires

I've just had the best afternoon out.

I was all resting when Puppynap said, "Come on River, we're going to get the girl, she's coming for the weekend."

He made my seat all comfy with a cushion for me, as I sometimes get a bit unnecessary if the road is bumpy.

The girl lives a bit of a way away, not too far, and we needed to get some petrol. When Puppynap was in the shop I jumped into his seat, it was warm and I wanted to see if I was big enough to drive yet.

Not quiet yet.

We then went on the big motorway and was soon there.

And the girl got in to come to my house.

I must teach her how to sit properly.

And very soon we was back home. I jumped up to tell David all about it but he screamed a bit and jumped on the sideboard.

Brilliant, we're playing a new game, castles and vampires.

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