Thursday, 25 February 2016

We Did See

When I got up it was snowing. I was very excited and begged Puppynap to take me out to play in it but he said he had things to do but he would as soon as he could. Then it stopped snowing but he said we could go out and see if we could find some.

Finally he was ready.


We're out searching for the snow.

It wasn't snowing but we did see some little flies flying around in the bush.

And we did see some empty packets on the floor. I sniffed to see if there was any food left but there wasn't.

And we did see a bird up the tree. I think he was waiting for the snow too.

Then we did see a great big traffic jam and I smelt where another doggie had been.

And then we went around the shop and we did see a little cat on a bench, it looked so much like Lil' that I thought it was her for a minute.

We had a little smile at each other. I do miss Lil'

It was a brilliant adventure we we didn't see any snow.