Monday, 29 February 2016

The Lion, The Witch and The Squirrel

Puppynap said he wasn't in the mood for working this afternoon and as it was a sunny day it was perfect timing to get out into nature.

We wasn't in the car long before we stopped. I jumped out and ran ahead, I knew where we was, we was at the place where the lion lived.

All of a sudden a little bird and a squirrel appeared. The Squirrel buried something in the ground and then ran off...

...I followed, dragged Puppynap behind me.

We went right deep into the forest...

...and then up a big slippy hill. I was brilliant at climbing it, I even helped Puppynap get up.

I couldn't see the squirrel but I was sure I could smell him. I think he went this way.

Yes this way!

Through the tree gate...

...and then all of a sudden I discovered something amazing. Footprints in the mud.

They were horses footprints and I decided to see where there went.

Come on, this way.

I totally forgot we were looking for the squirrel until he appeared again.

And then he ran right up the tree. I considered climbing it to get to him but it was a little bit too steep for me.

So I decided it was time to get back in the forest and see what I could see. We went across a little bridge...

...and there in the distance we stumbled across a witches house, right in the middle of the forest.

I checked to make sure the witch wasn't around...

...and then went inside for a look.

There wasn't anything very interesting inside but when I came out all of a sudden there was green plants everywhere. It must be magic.

Because almost straight away I found a rabbit hole and dived straight in. Puppynap had to help me get back out, I nearly got stuck.

And then he said it was time to go home again.

Well if you think after all this exploring I've got energy to jump over this tree truck you are very much mistaken!