Wednesday 8 April 2015

Nadia's Back!

Puppynap was outside hoovering the grass when all of a sudden he called my name.

What'd you want?

Me to come and see something amazing. OK!

Wow I can hardly believe it.

Nadia's back!

I've missed you Nadia, what have you been up to?

OK I'll just wait here until you finish your bath.

Still waiting!

Have you finished your bath yet?

Come on David and meet Nadia. She's a tortoise you know.

Nadia! NADIA! Don't run away we've not played for so long.

And now you can play with David too, he's a cat like Lil' is.

Nadia. Nadia. Don't go under there I can't make it under there.

She must have a bit of dirt in her ear. Yes that would explain her not hearing me.

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