Sunday 12 April 2015

Down A Mountain & Up Again

When Daddy got up Puppynap said I've got a good idea, let's take River on an adventure to a new place I've found.

Daddy was very excited and went straight back up the stairs to get ready. I was very excited too and was ready and waiting for him when he came back down all washed and clean.

Brilliant, it's a lovely day and Daddy has opened the window and said I can have my head out of it the whole way there. Come on then get that engine started!

It wasn't very long and then Puppynap said we were here. WOW!

Puppynap said this place was called Blue Bell Hill Woods. Come on then, I'll lead the way.

This way, into the woods. 

Wow, I've never been too woods like this before.

*Sniff, sniff*

Yes other doggies have been this way before...

...into the vortex!

It was a very long way down and we walked for ages all the time going down. Puppynap said it would be great in the Winter with snow everywhere, it would be a big snow slide.

OK we'll come back then and give it a go!

When we got to the bottom of the mountain it was beautiful and we saw some horses having dinner in their field. 

And then an amazing thing happened just as we was walking down the pathway. Daddy called me and said...

...I had been such a good girl that I was allowed to run about without my lead on.


After a little while Puppynap said he thought it as time to go back up the mountain again and we turned around to say hello to the horses again.

Daddy said we was going to go a different way back up the mountain, by steps. He said it would be shorter but a lot more work for me.

yes well I'm a clever girl as well and found out that it's easier to walk up the side of the steps on the flat bit than using the steps.

Daddy was well impressed and when they could they both did the same thing.

But it was still hard work and we all got puffed out half way up and had to sit down to have a rest and catch our breath.

I'm not sure who was the most out of breath, me, Daddy or Puppynap.

But I was glad of the rest, there was quiet a way to go yet.

In the end we found out, I was the fittest one and ran all the way up the last steps in the front and wasn't out of breath as much as everyone else was. Next time we're going to go the other way, and go exploring!