Friday 3 April 2015

Good Friday

When we got up today Daddy said it was the first day of Easter, called Good Friday and it was a day for us all to be together. I'm very glad of that as my lady times are making me very tired and just wanting to rest and sleep cause my tummy is feeling strange. Daddy made me a bit better by stroking it.

Then I heard a beep, beep and ran to see who it was come to see me, I knew it couldn't be Daddy on his bike he was indoors with me.

Brilliant, it was the girl who had come to see me.

I was glad as she's comfy to snuggle up and go to sleep next to.

After a little while we all went outside to get some fresh air. That made me feel a bit better, it always does.

When I came in I went searching for David but I couldn't see him. I hadn't seen him most of the day.

Then all of a sudden there he was come down to play with me.

After a little play and run around the house, smaller than normal we all sat down to watch a film about some people in a forest.

I don't think I will know how it ends, I'm feeling very sleepy on Puppynap.

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