Saturday, 25 April 2015

Go Ape

Beep, beep!

It's The Elf, she must have come to see me and Daddy as it's his birthday weekend.

What your bought for me Elfy?

She said she'd brought her babysitting service for me and David as they were all going out for a while...

To see an Ape they told me later when they came back. Your a big Ape...Go Ape!

It must be a magic Ape it turned everyone into monkeys that live in the trees.

And swing from the ropes...

...and cling on tightly.

It was lovely hearing all their adventures but I was feeling very tired, it's exhausting entertaining The Elf and her husband all afternoon.

So I had a little sleep and when I woke up The Elf and Husband Elf were going home and Daddy said to wish The Elf a Happy Birthday for a couple of days times. Wow she's got a birthday nearly the same day as my Daddy.

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