Saturday 4 April 2015

It's Tiny!

Um I was still wondering what the day was going to bring when Daddy said come on River we're going out to get some fresh air.

Great, I'll lead the way.

You can pull all you like on that lead but I'm staying here until I finished smelling these flowers.

It's Tiny!

Right, down this road with the boat in it is it?

Flowers, check done that.

Walk on the mini wall as close as possible to the stream to test your skill and the nerve of the others. Check!

Look left, look right, look left again. All clear.

Come on I see where I want to go next.

To sniff these daffydills.

Left or right?

Right. By the Ford and left to the duck pond.

Wow big fish.

Look come see everyone.

There's ducks as well.


Finally some water I can drink, it's thirsty this leading business.

And very, very tiring!