Monday, 12 January 2015

Keep It Up

What a different day it's been. Daddy went out as usual and Puppynap went into the office but I didn't go in with him this morning and sat in the window watching everything that was going on when all of a sudden a big van came onto the drive and some men got out.

Puppynap came down the stairs and said hello to them and then he said we must leave them alone and that he would sit with me all day.

I was a very good girl and sat there for ages but in the end I had to go and have a look and see what they were doing.

They had a great big machine and lots of noise was coming from all over the house.

I got very excited and Puppynap said he would come out in the garden with me and we could play whatever I wanted. We played chase for ages and I ran all around the garden as fast as I could...

...and then I went up the back to tell my friends all about everything that was going on.

When they went Puppynap said I was such a good girl that I could have two treats and half a tooth stick. 

I'm so good at being good and with such special treats I think I will keep it up!

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