Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hello, How Are You Today?

I was just having a sleep when I heard a beep, beep outside.

Ooh it's those people that were here yesterday.

Hello, how are you today?

They started doing things again in the house and coming in and out. Puppynap said I mustn't go out there so I got on the back of the sofa so I could watch everything that was going on. It's all so interesting.

Puppynap said I was being such a good girl that I could have a mid-morning snack. Ummmm gravy bones, my favourite!

I got a bit bored looking at everything and went for a look out of the window that Puppynap has finally cleaned and then David came down from up the stairs. I wondered where he had been.

He was looking a little bit scared but I told him there was nothing to worry about but that if he was a little bit scared if he came and sat by me I would make sure that he was OK until the people went.

See told you David, nothing to worry about, I'm your big sister and I'll always make sure you are OK.

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