Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

I've been up most of the night, it was New Years Eve you know and I was very excited.

I was allowed to stay up late with Daddy and Puppynap, they got me all settled with the duvet on the sofa and lots of treats in their hands, David took the beanbag, and I was having a lovely time until it got to midnight. 


Not just on the telly but all outside as well. I cuddled up tight with Puppynap, I don't like fireworks they make me shake and I still couldn't settle at 4am when I came down the stairs and barked just to make sure they were all finished with.

When the clock hit 12 we all hugged each other, not just for firework protection but to say Happy New Year and tell and show each other how much we love each other and want for the next year to be a lovely, magical one.

Puppynap said we must send out those wishes to everyone in the Universe as well, so I gave an extra lick into the air to do that. Happy New Year everyone, magic and licks for all!

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