Friday 23 January 2015

I Wonder If There's A Gap I Can Squeeze Through?

It's lovely and sunny today and Puppynap said I should be out in it as much as I can because he doesn't know when it's going to be this nice again. I've been out three times already today running around the garden and this time I was just running up the back to have a chat with my friends over the wall when I heard a sound and looked to see what it was. 

It was a CAT! 

I didn't know who this cat was I don't think I've seen him before and was very excited and barked at him but he didn't take any notice. I then went to see if I could see my friends over the wall and told them all about it.

I wonder if there's a gap I can squeeze through? 

No there wasn't!

And then I heard a noise coming from the back door...

...and I saw David sitting there looking at me.


Why didn't you come out to play with me it would have been OK if Puppynap left the door open, he's very careful about that sort of thing?

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