Thursday, 1 January 2015

He Was Trying To Get In The Garage

Puppynap and Daddy put on their coats and I thought we were going out for a walk but then they said come on River we're going outside to play in the back garden. Coming?

Sure was and I ran all the way up the back to say Happy New Year to my friends over the fence.

After we'd have a little chat I could hear Daddy calling to David to come on outside. 

Brilliant, David can now come out to play with me. I was so excited but he looked nervous so I ran up to him to let him know it would be OK. He might be a little scared or something.

I then realised he'd not been in the garden before and said to follow me, I would show him all the exciting places.

But I don't think he heard me as when I turned around he had gone. I can show him where the knomb man lives later.  

I went over to see if he was playing hide and seek...

...but he was trying to get in the garage and no one other than Daddy and Puppynap is allowed in there, they always say it's a very dangerous place and little darlings must not go in there, so I chased him away.

I wonder how long lunch will be? I can smell beef!

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