Saturday 21 September 2013

Fantasy Island

I could tell something was happening, Daddy and Puppynap put there shoes on and said, come on River were going on an adventure.

They take ages and ages to get ready so I waited by the front door for them to hurry up.

I love it when we go in the car, Daddy opens the window so I can stick my head out, it's my favourite thing....


When we got there I saw my friend TT and she showed me the garden to play in. Wow.

We then got in the car again and then when we got out we were somewhere else that I didn't know and their was all this stuff that was soft and cold and squidgy to stand on. Daddy called it SAND, I've never been on sand before. What is it? I shall sniff it and find out!

And then we went on some road and their was water right by it and Daddy said we were at the sea, but it was different from that other sea, that sea had lots of stones on it.

This is all very different.

It's cloudy but warm in this place and I could see a strange land on the other side of the sea.

And a big boat thing. Puppynap said they were bringing things from overseas to here to flog to us at over inflated prices. Wow.

And as we walked all the way up it we saw a bench and it was written to Charlie and Lil' althought Puppynap said it wasn't to our Charlie and Lil'.

I was getting tired by now and TT and Daddy said we were going to go back to the car. Brilliant I can stick my head out of the window, come on, hurry up everyone, run! 

And then we saw where we were, we were at a place called Fantasy Island.

We wern't going home straight away though and we went to another place that had lots of people and people selling stuff and plants for me to sniff everywhere.

And a stone rock that had stuff growing out of it, I think this place is called Mexico.

 And then it was time for dinner. 

I had the chicken.

Bye, bye TT we had a brilliant day x