Monday 30 September 2013

It Didn't Bother Me I Played With A Leaf

Daddy said come on River we're going out.

Brilliant I love it out I can smell all the lovely flowers.

*Sniff, sniff*

What's this?


It's a doggies, a doggie, another doggie was here!

Then Daddy went into a building and I went across the big road with Puppynap. Come on I know what's coming up next. 

The river!

...and leaves. Leaves everywhere!

Come on, had enough of that now.

We're at Nannies, yippee.

Um. What's been going on here then?

When we left I still had lots of energy and ran all over the place.

And I met another little doggies and we sniffed each other for a while but he was a bit tired and needed to go. I wanted to play with him longer though.

It was just after that that I saw Daddy again and him and Puppynap met a man with lots of dribbles coming from his mouth, he must have been hot because his face was all red. For a while they all debated, that's what Puppynap said it was, it sounded more like the man was being told off for being nasty and he danced around doing a little jig back and forth, but it didn't bother me I played with a leaf.