Friday 13 September 2013

But It Wasn't Time To Go Yet. It Wasn't!

Here we go...

...and I'm off. 

What's those words say?

On the other side there was a bush and I sniffed it lots.

And then I sniffed another one.

When we came to the big road there was a lot of traffic everywhere and I had to run really fast!

On the other side was a bush. So I sniffed it.

Quick, quick, there's things over there! 

LEAVES, everywhere!

And then I chased a man on a bike...

...and in the alley there was a bush. I sniffed it.

And then we saw the house with all the flowers and the man on the bike lived there and he called out, Oi I live there, and then he chatted to Puppynap for ages.

And when we nearly at Nannies I saw another dog just like me called Bongo and I ran over to him and he ran over to me and we played for ages. 

I liked Bongo. 

A lot! 

And he liked me. 

A lot!

And then they said it was time to go.

But it wasn't time to go yet, it wasn't!