Wednesday 4 September 2013

I'm Fighting It Though

Puppynap came down early today from upstairs. I was sitting having a little look at the cats out the window when I saw him.

He went outside again in the garden. When I was there I saw Lil' on the wall and gave her a little bark hello.

 I went and had a little sniff around and found Nadia sunbathing.

And then I went and had a look at what Puppynap was doing with a big metal thing in the ground that he used yesterday.

And then some birds flew over and made a great big noise that made Lil' jump and run away.

That's a great idea, let's run, come on Puppynap throw that for me!

But it's very hot today and it made me out of breath and very sleepy, very quickly but I'm fighting it though!


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