Tuesday 17 September 2013

I Never Go Upstairs When It's The Day But I Am Today

Puppynap went out and then when he came back he said to me come on River I'm going upstairs to clean up and you're coming with me. I was really excited I never go upstairs when it's the day, but I am today. Clean up doesn't mean time to play though but I thought it did for a bit and I got a bit bored just walking around, it's so much more fun at night when it's all dark...

...and then I heard something...

...it was Lil' in the bedroom and I ran over to say hello to her but she ran away.

But then I had an idea I could see things properly when it was daytime and I saw that if I jumped on the table by Puppynaps side of the bed I can get on the bed really easy, it's brilliant being a big girl.

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