Sunday, 30 June 2013

Simply The Best

Daddy and Puppynap went out for a bit and left me at home. I didn't mind too much I had a great big long sleep and woke up when they came home and banged on the window to wake me up. I was so excited that I ran around and around in circles and jumped up and down loads and loads.

I then went and ran outside and got so excited I ate a bulb from the garden but it upset my tummy and Daddy said that I had to have a bath. I was the best that I have ever been in the bath, EVER.

When we came down Daddy blew wind in my hair and Puppynap brushed me and played with me when he was doing that, it was a great game.

When they finished I got a lovely treat and they kept on singing at me in a funny voice.

Simply the best!

I don't know why they laughed so much though.

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