Sunday 23 June 2013

Dog And Ham Market

I'm very tired again today, Daddy and Puppynap said that they think the lady times are coming again and that I must rest up but they had a surprise for me today. The boy and the girl came around and got us and they said that we were going to be going to something called a MARKET.

I travelled in the front with the girl. I always travel in the front.

Then I realised that daddy and puppynap where in the back so I went there.

If daddies in the car I want to sit on daddies lap to go to sleep.

When we got out there was cars everywhere. I've never seen that amount of cars before.

A market is a place full of people and stalls with things on them and dogs. Other dogs where everywhere, I even saw a great big one with different colour eyes.

After  just a little bit I felt myself coming over all tired again and I just couldn't move anymore.

Lucky that we stopped for some lunch and the girl fed me something that I think was called HAM.

After lunch I just couldn't move so daddy and Puppynap took it in turns to carry me for the rest of the time. I like markets and I can't wait until we go again.