Monday 24 June 2013

A Dog With A BONE!

Today I went out with Puppynaop to the place that I go to see the Doctor but this time even though I'm very tired out I didn't need to go to see them. It was amazing there was lots of smells everywhere and Puppynap brought me lots of treats and things and I got to walk around everywhere smelling everything. A little girl and her daddy came and gave me a stroke and we came home with a new friend for Alo the goldfish.

Puppynap brought me a BONE! I've never had this sort of a bone before and I didn't know what it was when Puppynap gave it to me.

Lil' also came for a look I think she didn't know what a bone was either!

Then Nadia came to investigate!

Then I guessed what it was for and love it! I'M A DOG WITH A BONE!

Oh yes and it's Puppynap's birthday to. 


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