Saturday 1 June 2013

A Sniff Of A Bush, 2 Spotted Dicks And A Big Stick

Hurrah daddy and Puppynap are taking me out for a walk, I wonder where we are going to go?

Ah the fresh smell of fresh bushes and grass all over the path. It's lovely being out with daddy

I got to practise my jumping, that fence jump is getting nearer!

When we got to the road I saw this big stick, I tried to pick it up but it was too big for me. It would be OK for the Dobermanny dog though.

The walk was to the shop. Daddy went in and I saw and waited like a good girl with Puppynap outside and looked at all the people going in and out. There was a jelly baby sweetie outside but Puppynap wouldn't let me have it. I tried to sneak it in my mouth three times before he chucked it in the bin.

I jumped up at the bin and then Puppynap picked me up and let me have a look inside. What's spotted dick?