Wednesday 9 January 2013

When He Came Back Home

Puppinanapper just went out and left me alone at home.

He was a bit upset with me I think. He didn't take me with him and he always does when he goes out.

I didn't think he was coming back but I waited in the window looking out for him. After a little while he came back I saw him in his car. He waved at me and I wagged my tale back.

I like cars and am very good when I go for a ride. They say that I am such a good girl as I sit really quietly and still.

When he came in he made a big fuss of me and we played in the garden and he gave me a great big stroke.

Now I am going to show him how much I love him and go to sleep cutely right by him.

I wish daddy was home. I love him very much as well and I always get very excited when we go to pick him up in the car.