Monday 7 January 2013

We Went To See The Ducks

I've just had the longest walk with Puppinanapper.

He said he needed to take me out to wear me out as I was being all excitable this morning.

He said he was going to take me to see the ducks. Wow I've never seen a duck before.

It was a long way and I had to climb a lot of steps. I'm very good at climbing steps now. These  ones were great, they were covered in leaves, my favourite.

We then went across a great big field and I tried to eat some paper but I wasn't allowed. And then at the other end I wanted to go to the river but I wasn't allowed and pulled and pulled. But I lost.

I was glad I lost though because there were some men the way we went that stopped digging and gave me a big long stroke. I watched them for ages with their big machines.

When we went around the corner there were some other dogs and I had a chat to one with a great big collar all around his face and then another one who was called Kiwi. She was very shy even though she was a lot bigger than me.

Eventually we got to the ducks and I had a look from my very own bridge. They didn't do much. I thought they would do more but they just swam around. I did see a great big fish that was a million times bigger than Alo though and I liked watching her.

I'm so so tired now that I can hardly keep me eyes open. We must have been out for about 15 hours.