Saturday 26 January 2013

But I Did!

I've just been for a great big walk with PN.

First of all we went to the shop that belongs to Morris. We've been there before but he said he wouldn't go in because there was a great big queue in there YET AGAIN and the ladies were just all gossiping with each other!

We then went to another shop and I saw a big red sweet on the floor and tired to eat it but PN said I didn't want that and took it from my mouth. But I did want it!

I then went to the toilet in front of a big lady who laughed. .Don't know why that was so funny PN said I didn't want to do that there and got out a plastic bag. But I did!

As we went around the corner I saw a CRISP and quickly put it in my mouth. PN said I didn't want that. But I did! I swallowed it real quickly even though he tried to take it from my mouth

I don't know why he keeps on saying I don't want that I DO!