Tuesday 22 January 2013

I Told Him It Was Too Cold

I've just been on my I've been a good girl today walk. PN got me ready and then spent ages getting ready himself.

I jumped up on the window to let him know I was waiting and he hurried up.

When we went out there was still snow everywhere. I had a little sniff of the plants. All seemed well there so we went on.

The view of the snow from down here is great you see all little things.

  We went to the shop and I sat outside really good and got a treat when PN came back out.

I needed the energy boost it was still cold outside. When we got to another shop I tried to eat some curry flavoured snow outside but I wasn't allowed.

We then went to see a nanny and a man building the road came and gave me a big cuddle. He didn't mind that I got his clothes all dirty. We had met before I remembered him from his nose ring.

On the way home we went to the stream and I played in all the snow. PN said that he should put my feet in the water to get them clean. I had a little investigation but it was much too cold and I told him so too.

I then had another close look at the water by the bridge and went around the tree. PN decided to follow me and his foot went in. 

I told him it would be cold!