Thursday 31 January 2013

He Made Up For It

I was left on my own downstairs all the morning. Puppinanapper was upstairs with Lil'. I called out to him to go down and when he did it was only for a minute then he went back for ages.

He made up for it though when he did come down properly. He put my jumper on and took me out. We went over the road first of all and said hello to that M lady and a man called R. Another lady came and said hello as well.

I wanted to chase the cat that was eating dinner but they wouldn't let me. They talked for ages  and then we went.

First of all we went all the way down the road and across a field. I had been there before so I knew the way and showed PN the way to go.

I then saw my friend Kiwi who I saw before and said hello. He was a little bit scared when I jumped up to hug him but his mummy said it was alright he was just a scared thing. He's bigger than me so I don't know why he was so scared.

We then went and visited nanny with some flowers. I picked one from a garden on the way and took that.

We also saw some Squirrels but they were very quick and went up a tree before I could play with them. As much as I called to them to come down they didn't.

On the way back I saw my friend the man with a nose ring and I nearly fell down the hole he was sitting in. I heard some dogs barking so I ran off to find them but I didn't so we went for a walk by the stream.

The water was really whooshing. I am so brave now that I put my nose right in. It was very cold but I dried of quickly as I chased the leaves and a cat.

It was a brilliant walk and Nadia was waiting for me in the kitchen when I got back. She loved me licking her even if PN said she didn't. I know she did.