Sunday, 13 November 2016

What A Morning I've Had

What a morning I've had, it's been go, go, go and full of surprises.

I was just about to settle down for a rest when all of a sudden Puppynap went to the draw and pulled out my reigns. We were going out!

I didn't know where we was going Daddy said it was a good surprise. 


We were at my favourite shop.

Ooh what's in there?

I wander if I climb all the way under if I'll find any treat surprises?

I didn't but Daddy did get my some extra special shampoo and stuff to help me with my scratching even though it's a lot better these days.

I thought we were going to be coming home but we didn't...

...we were at the special park I like to go to and there was lots of lovely leaves everywhere for me to play in.

And then I spotted some other doggies, one of them looked like a horse.

And then I spotted something I wanted to get myself involved in...

...a dog soup. But I wasn't allowed...

...we were going exploring.

And then all of a sudden Daddy said there was another surprise... I was being such a good girl I was allowed to roam freely without my lead.

We went everywhere, I could go wherever I wanted as long as they could still see me.

In the end we had to come home and I was just about to get back to my resting idea when Puppynap picked me up and brought me upstairs.

What we up here for?

Oh a shower with some of my new special shampoo, I'd forgotten all about that.

But I'm glad they didn't I feel all nice and clean and smell lovely. What a busy morning it's been!