Saturday, 5 November 2016

Well I Suppose We Can Give It A Go

Daddy and Puppynap are taking me out for a long, long walk. They said they want to ware me out before tonight, there's going to be more fireworks.

Well I suppose we can give it a go.

Through the leaves, kick them high, tum do dum de dum,

I know where we are, we're at the lakes. I like it here there's always something different to do.

Ooh, brilliant, other dogs to chase.

And frogmen to laugh at when they go for a walk in there clothes out of the water.

And puddles, to play in...

...puddles to drink from...

...puddles to dance through...

...and tease Daddy with. Will I go in or won't I?

But then the best bit, I was such a good girl I was allowed to go off my lead and run around.


Then I was put back on my lead again. Puppynap said they didn't like to be chased and the temptation would be too much for me to take.

Still it worked, I'm exhausted now, let's hope the fireworks happen while I'm asleep.