Friday, 25 November 2016

Natural Decorations

I was all asleep and then Puppynap told me to get my coat on, as it was just a month to Christmas we was going to go out and collect some natural decorations.

Oh I do have to wait for ages for him to get ready. No amount of hurrying him up ever seems to work.

But we finally did get out. Today we was going to go down the road to search for natural decorations.

Leaves Puppynap, leaves are natural decorations. I love leaves...

...but these were not the natural decorations he was after. He said they were things that fall off trees, so I looked under some fir trees but none here.

I got very excited when I saw all the road being dug up, there was three men doing it, I wonder if they are looking for buried treasure.

Then we went into a big field and while Puppynap looked for the natural decorations I looked down the rabbit holes for rabbits. I didn't find any.

But I did find a waterfall... that is a natural decoration but I don't think we could get it home.

I found some sticks but that wasn't what we were looking for apparently.

Oh look the motorway.

Nothing much here to take home though.

I have no idea what we are looking for, grass isn't right Puppynap said.

Oh I wish he'd just tell me what we are looking for I'm enjoying being out but I'm very confused as to what he is looking for. I think I'll leave him to it.