Monday, 28 November 2016

Have You Seen Any Little Cricket?

We're going out... try to get some natural decorations for Christmas.

Well I hope this time is more successful than the last.

BRILLIANT the lakes, that should give us some.

Come on this way.

Leaves! Are these leaves any good?

Oh it's so beautiful here today, cold but the sun is shining.

And everything looks just perfect.

There might be some this way come on.

Have you seen any little cricket?

Spooky waters but nothing for the decorations here.

Does this sign say where there are some?

I think it says this way, across the little bridge.

No angry swans here today, they must be out looking for thing, like us.

Quickly run towards the natural decorations they've got to be around here somewhere.

Nothing. Really you've got nothing AGAIN?