Sunday, 2 October 2016

My Birthday - Today I Am 4

Daddy and Puppynap woke me up really early to say Happy Birthday River but I was too tired.

Need sleep!

As it was my birthday I was allowed to stay in bed as long as I wanted, all cuddled up warm with my Daddy.

When I woke up I was very excited, it's my birthday and today I am 4.

David rushed over as soon as he saw me to give me a kiss and to say Happy Birthday River.

Then it was time for a special breakfast, strips of beef. Yum!

And then it was time for us to go out. This year Daddy said we are going to help others not as lucky as us and give away a lot of my toys to the little doggies who haven't got a home yet.

I don't mind I have lots of toys. The one's we are taking are in here.


Ah the breeze in my hair, how I've missed you.

In just a few minutes we were there.

Got the bag of presents?

Good come on then let's go...

...and give them to all our friends in this place.

Then in just a minute we were off for a special walk, my first in nearly two weeks, I've had to take it easy but today I'm well enough.

We're at the lakes.

Across the bridge...

...and passed Spider Man.

Because there's doggies to see...

...and ducks...

...and even more doggies. 

Tum, de, tum, de tum.

Off to see the froggie...

...and the froggie men.

And back to the ducks again.

Hello duck on a log...

...goodbye always miserable swan.

We're off...

...back home.


Puppynap quickly went in the shop to get me some special food. I just hung out with Daddy, the air conditioning was lovely and cooling, I was feeling really tired now after such a long and exciting walk.

When we got home it was time for my cards...

...and one from The Elf as well.

All this excitement was tiring me out so I went outside with everyone to rest in the sun. It's been great weather today just the right temperature, not too hot for my walk.

That's when I spotted David he was playing hide and seek with me.

We then played explore for a little while.

But I really was pooped out and needed a little sleep.

 But woke up when my special birthday dinner came out, chicken, peas, sweetcorn, carrots AND chicken.

I ate everything up, I didn't realise how hungry I was.

After dinner I needed another sleep and cuddled up behind Daddy.

And when he went to the bath I cuddled up with Puppynap.

And then David came over and said we could have a play if I wanted.

I did for a bit but to be honest I'm so tired I can't hardly move and as everyone seems to be settled in for the night now it's dark I think I'll just stay here and think all over my dad.

Wow I'm 4 years old now, a really big girl.

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