Saturday 29 October 2016

He Was Funny

I was all settled down to have a lovely sleep on Puppynap when he said not to get too settled...

...we were off on an adventure to see our brilliant friend.

Through the tunnel.

To see my friend S.

We went for a lovely walk in the park, lots of leaves and hang on...

...yes there is over there...

...other doggies to play with!

And then we went to a pub that was all dressed up with spooky people and spider webs and things and then in the corner...

...I spotted a very little man. He was funny no matter how much I talked to him he didn't say anything back.

It didn't matter though because I was with Daddy and Puppynap and S and lots of little children came over to say hello to me and have a stroke and a chat.

I got a bit excited when all this food turned up it smelt so lovely and I tried to eat some but Puppynap said I wasn't allowed, I'm still in my special diet although in another week I will be allowed to have something else to eat as well.

I can't wait!