Friday, 14 October 2016

How Snazzy They Look

I've just had the best evening surprise. Puppynap was telling me that I was going to be having a hair cut and a bath at the weekend now I'm fully recovered from my operations when all of a sudden, beep, beep.

It was The Elf, she had come to see me and give me a good old belly rub.

Nanny was very playful this evening, even David came out for a play.

We played chase and rough and tumble and hide and seek until Daddy came home...

...and said it was getting late and I needed to get ready for bed. The Elf was very happy to see me in my pyjamas, she clapped and laughed. I have no idea why, maybe she's getting some pyjamas like mine for Christmas and she's just realised how snazzy they look.

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