Saturday, 22 October 2016

Cheeky! - A Complete Body Coconut Oil Rubdown

Daddy is getting my tangles out. I love it when he brushes me he does it good.

Hang on a second what's going on?

Oh, it's that time is it?

Mind you it's been ages since I've last had one, not since my operations so it's quite a load of my back.



I'm not allowed to get blow dried today, something to do with making sure I don't itch.

I've got a feeling lots of things are going to be changing as they experiment on what's making me more itchy than normal.

But there's treats to!

A complete body coconut oil rubdown.

Oh hello David.

Thank you for my kisses.

Phew after all that I'm feeling rather tired. It's exhausting having a spa day.

But I do love them.

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