Saturday, 20 August 2016

My Own Adventure

Daddy went out to get my friend to come and see me for the weekend. I stayed at home with Puppynap and David.

I had a bit of a run around in the rain with Puppynap chasing me with the table cloth over his arm. I think he thought he was being a Spainish matador who would dance with the bull not hurt it.

I then came in and watched David have a sleep on the chair in the window.

And then beep, beep and Daddy was back with my friend J. They all sat chatting in the kitchen. I explored the things on the table...

...and nearly got a sweetie in my mouth.

David could have joined me, I'm sure I could find something especially for him up here.

But I didn't see him again for hours. I think he must have been out having an adventure.

I'm going to have my own adventure now, looking out the window from my window seat. It's lovely and comfy up here and just the right height for me to see out AND rest my head on the ledge both at the same time.

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