Friday, 19 August 2016

A Normal Friday Night When All Of A Sudden

There I was just thinking that tonight would be a normal Friday night when all of a sudden...

...beep, beep, beep.

It was The Elf...

...and the Husband Elf. They'd both come to see me.

It was lovely seeing them but then I thought maybe they had come to stay because Daddy and Puppynap were going away again.

I hadn't heard them saying anything but I needed to keep myself alert and called David to come and help me.

But just to make sure they didn't go anywhere I settled down on Puppynap's legs.

While David kept on eye on Daddy.

I think they must have known I was a little bit worried as Daddy got down on the floor with me and said he wasn't going to go anywhere. He also gave me a lovely massage.

Phew, I can relax now without having to worry about all that going on holiday business.

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