Saturday, 13 August 2016

I Bet If I Squeeze Myself Very Small...

I've had a very busy day. I got up with Puppynap really early. We left Daddy in bed but just as I was going to go down the stairs I noticed David asleep on the bed in the spare room so I decided to go with him for a bit.

We fell asleep for a while but when I woke up I was full of beans and said would he like to come out in the garden with me and play. David said he was still sleepy and he wanted a little longer in bed so I came down the stairs and went out with Puppynap in the garden. He was doing gardening things I supervised until...

...David got up and suggested we go for a cuddle under the chair at the back of the garden.

It was lovely but we both got very hot and David went indoors. I decided to stay and make sure Puppynap was doing the gardening things right. He was doing such a lot that we were there for ages and I got very hot.

By that time Daddy had got up, went out and came back again and when he came out to see me he suggested I go and got some rest in the shade as I was panting.

It was a good idea. I fell asleep for a long time and by the time I woke up everyone had gone inside... I followed them to see what they were up to.

Daddy and Puppynap were reading and David was having a little rest so I decided to go and join him. All that supervising must have tired me out more than I thought.

I wanted to cuddle up with David. Even though he said there wasn't enough room I was sure there was but as it was hot I decided to have a little sleep next to him. At least that way I would be near to him.

Sometimes he sleeps very deeply. When I woke up I called out to him to get up but he didn't hear me... I went to sit on Daddies legs. I could see him very well from there,

When he did eventually wake up he said he wasn't in the mood to play at the moment but he would later.

So I played with Puppyanp on the floor inside. We played tickle the teeth and rub the belly.

And then we went outside to run around the garden. It was much cooler the sun was going down so I didn't get too warm.

And then when we came indoors I searched for ages to see if I could find David. I did in the end he was playing hide and seek under the sofa. 

I bet if I squeeze myself very small I could get under there.

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