Sunday, 21 August 2016

I Went To A Dog Party - Whoops Forgot Slippy Floor!

I was just having a little sit with J and Puppynap...

...when Daddy came over to me and told me to shake a leg. We were going to go to a dog party.

Yippee! What's a dog's party? Rub my belly Daddy, we're going to a dog's party!

In the car we all got.

And in just a couple of minutes we were parked up near a field. I had an investigate, I could smell dogs but I couldn't see any at this dogs party.

Then I spotted another guest. Come on quick let's get there.

Hang on a second this is the Doctors.

Whoops forgot slippy floor!

On the weighing machine and I'm a perfect 7.6. BRILLIANT!

I see other dogs everywhere.

I said hello to one and then Daddy said we had to go through here to a special place, the place with all the dogs and people and things.

I've just got to make it through the room I normally go in and they try and cut my claws and I smell the worry of other doggies and cats that have been in there before. I don't like it much in this room but I know they won't hurt me just make me better.

Deep breath and...

I made it and no treatment needed for me today. BRILLIANT!

I was allowed to explore wherever I wanted. There was lots of other little doggies running around and lots of people.

Daddy and J spoke to one of the Doctors who showed them a machine. In another room two nurses where practicing doing operations on toy dogs. 

I got bored listening and went to see the comfort bit for after an operation. I think this is their spa center...

...yes it must be, they supply towels.

We then went outside and there was tent things and lots of people and other dogs and a crazy lady singing on a stage. 

I didn't know where to go or what to do.It was madness!

Daddy laughed and said I could do whatever I wanted.

What I wanted to do was to join in the obstacle races in the little rink thing. Other doggies where running up ladders and doing jumps.

I'm brilliant at jumps. The little doggies in there was good at escaping and running riot through the laughing crowd until he got over excited at all the attention and tried to start a fight with another really tiny little dog.

Then it was time to take J home...

...and then the best bit I got to hang out of the window feeling the wind in my hair for ages.

So that's what a dog party was.