Friday, 9 October 2015

What A Day I've Had!

When I got up this morning I didn't expect the day to be as it was.

Everything normal to begin with, come down the stairs and got a tooth stick for breakfast.

Then went outside with David to do our trick where we get extra treats.

Hang on a second David where you gone?

He was inside eating his Dreamies and forgot to tell me that he was on his way back in. Still it didn't matter I still got my gravy bone. I ate it as I had a look outside.

And then me and David gave each other a clean on Puppynap's leg.

Then Daddy came down and gave me a cuddle. He then said it wasn't the weekend. Brilliant Daddy is home and it's only Friday. I love my Daddy.

And then we all got ready and got in the car to go for an adventure.

But then Daddy got out and gave me a great big kiss and said he would see me on Sunday. He was off to visit Twevors mummy C all the way up in Scotland.

Wait a minute, I can come. But he said I couldn't this time he was going on an aeroplane.

Then Puppynap brought me home and said it was time to celebrate Izzy's birthday. Brilliant it's Izzy's birthday, I looked out the window for her but he said she wasn't coming to play as she wasn't feeling very well.


Get well soon Izzy so we can play again together.

Then Puppynap went and did some work and I fell asleep. The quicker you sleep, the faster the moment comes when it's time for play. When I woke up Puppynap said he had to do some things and got the paint and sanding buzzy thing out and went into the kitchen.


I wanted to play but he said he had to do things so I went outside to see if David was around to play with but he wasn't so I sat in the sun and watched out for the squirrel's in the tree but I didn't see them.

I fell asleep outside but I woke up when Puppynap called for me to come in and have my dinner, tuna...

...and chips

Phew what a day I've had, I'm exhausted now so I think I'll have a nice long sleep and the sooner I go to bed, the sooner my Daddy will be home and give me lots of kisses and cuddles. Love you Daddy x