Saturday, 10 October 2015

Autumn Time

Daddy is still on his holiday up in Scotland, but it's OK Puppynap is with me and he's doing lots of house things. He's made my day bed even more comfortable so, he says, I can sit in comfort and supervise him.

It was all very boring for me and I fell asleep and then I heard him go to the draw and take my reigns out.

Come on he said we're going out so you can see all the leaves change colour, it's Autumn time and that's what happens then.

Ok then, where we going?

Ooh a nature reserve. 

Yes we should be able to see lots of nature things here, but I don't see any leaves changing colour, they're still all green.

Maybe if we go up here there will be some leaves with different colours. You take the steps if you like, I'm going up the easy way.

Ahh now I see some leaves changing colour, we must be getting nearer to a magic bit.

Yes, we are we've found it, the red leaves and the red berries, he wasn't kidding me.

I know this one, although the leaves change colour the grass doesn't, well not in Autumn time, in Summer time it goes yellow though, if it's hot.

Wow an island of strange plants.

I'm going to go right in the middle and see if any little animals live there.

I saw a rabbit right in the middle, it made me jump a bit but I don't mind, rabbits are my friends.

That was a brilliant trip out Puppynap, I'm going to tell Daddy all about it when he gets home tomorrow.