Sunday, 25 October 2015

Last Night - We Loved It!

I had such fun last night. After Daddy and Puppynap went out I waited in the window to see when they would be coming back to play with me but after ages I realised it wasn't going to happen in a minute so I went on my chair to wait for them in comfort. Then all of a sudden...

...the Husband Elf was here as well. He had come especially to see me.

I love it went them Husband Elf is here, he's nice and warm and smells a bit like my Daddy and he's brilliant with food when it's dinner time, if you stick close to him.

After dinner I went up the stairs to my bed, to see if they had come in and where playing hide and seek with me but they hadn't but then the Husband Elf came up and got me, that must mean he wants me to sleep right next to him, to keep him warm.

Then David had a drink from underwater world, although I didn't fancy joining in it did give me an idea.

To go out into the garden and run around in the rain, barking and getting the Elf to chase me.

We loved it!